- sharing the food knowledge -

The brief

Sumfood are changing the face of food consumerism on a global scale. Through analysing data trends, and giving consumers a voice, they are changing the way people think about food – one consumer at a time. Walsh & Beck was brought on to create the visual identity and provide strategic support as well as managing Sumfood’s PR and media.

the solution

I was responsible for designing Sumfood’s visual identity, website and social media posts. The three areas of interest to Sumfood – food, data science and insight – are represented as icons within the logo. Combined with vibrant colours and a friendly sans-serif font, the logo represents a company the public can trust will keep them informed and up to date about global food industries.

To help Sumfood build an online community Glow Consulting applied this graphic style to a series of static social media posts and animations. A playful use of typography and an ever growing library of icons results in a series of posts that are both enjoyable and informative, while encouraging social media users to sign up and join the website for even more information.

RAF_Sumfood-Business-cards copy.jpg