Hugo Plastics Website

- showcasing an innovative building material -

The brief

Hugo Plastic's website needed some refinement. Their innovative plastic was a strong material and perfect for outdoor environments including agriculture, civil engineering and architecture – they just weren't getting much response from it. Capiche was tasked to get customers inspired and contact Hugo Plastics about their own project.

the solution

The main objective was to get potential customers talking to Hugo Plastics. Their phone number and email were set in the sub header, and a large call to action sat at the bottom of each page.

The navigation was improved by simplifying it to three top level pages and using a mega menu to list every product available.

Adding a carousel made a feature of real life examples. It also provides a space for upcoming events like Fieldays.


Using photography helps customers picture how they can apply this to their own situation.


The mega menu shows customers everything that exists, although they aren't limited to just these products.