Nudge Consulting

- a bold little identity -

The Brief

Nudge Consulting is owned by Lesley Hardy and she helps businesses employ the right people every time.

Lesley wanted an identity that let her stand out and show her passion for getting people in the right employment position. This identity needed vibrancy and energy while still sitting comfortably in the corporate world.

The Solution

Lesley herself was the inspiration for this identity – from her highlights in her hair to her little purple car. She wanted to "make people sparkle" and let them flourish in a well suited role.

Magenta hues, together with the typefaces Lushscript and Gibson, make for a very bold and bubbly combination.


This moodboard captures the vibrant colours and bubbly imagery that is Nudge Consulting. The laptop in the top left shows the first iteration of the logo development. The serif typeface aligns with the corporate world that Nudge operates in, while the magenta gradient creates drama and excitement. Lesley was ecstatic when we first proposed this solution but after some consideration thought it didn't quite fit her.

The final logo captures Lesley's excitement and passion for her work. The word "nudge" needed to be quirky so I chose Lustscript to show a leaning word without being gimicky. The lights explode with joyful energy and the funky magenta is vibrant and arresting.