Consumer Guarantees Act Digital Campaign

– HTML banners and social media imagery –

The Brief

Consumer Protection asked Capiche to create a digital campaign that would remind New Zealanders of their consumers rights. 

the solution

Consumer Man and Purchase Woman were created to show that consumer rights can be tricky, even for super heroes. Each main point was animated and the HTML banners were displayed on major websites in New Zealand. A series of images were also created to support Consumer Protection's Facebook posts.

The initial characters, objects and illustrative style were created by Foundry. I adapted these illustrations and created new ones for each scenario.

Each webtile shows a different scenario (a burnt cloak from the dry cleaners, a broken down car not long from the mechanics, a faulty telescope, and a year old computer with a battery malfunction) and where to get more information.


A series of images where also created for Consumer Protection's Facebook page to support their posts.

CM on laptop and PW with remedy.jpg
Bald CM and PW with remedy..jpg
Engaging phone not working.jpg
PW CM with leaking fridge.jpg
Engaging washing machine.jpg
Engaging car crop.jpg